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Celebrating Pride with Iranian-American Voices

About IA Pride

This year's Pride comes as the fight for civil rights reaches an inflection point. Americans are demanding justice and equality in the wake of continued police violence against the black community--and facing brutal crackdowns as they demand reforms and accountability. The protests have infused new energy ahead of Pride to amplify the stories of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, two black trans women that helped to catalyze the modern-day fight for LGBTQ+ rights via The Stonewall Uprising. The experiences of queer people of color are particularly important to amplify, as they often face discrimination from both within and outside their community.

This is why NIAC is dedicating itself to amplifying the stories of queer Iranian Americans, not just during Pride, but all year long. Lifting up their voices is imperative in combating the isolation and delegitimization often perpetuated within the Iranian-American community. To build genuine allyship and to fight cultural taboos, we must give space to LGBTQ+ individuals to share their stories, their struggles, and of course, their Pride.

Lifting up the voices of LGBTQ+ Iranian Americans is imperative in combating the isolation often perpetuated within the community. This is why NIAC invites all of you—LGBTQ+ individuals and allies—to share YOUR stories as part of our #IAPride campaign. 

Post your videos, art, and writing on Instagram or Twitter, use the #IAPride hashtag, and we'll include it in the collection below!